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Demonstation 1 : Control4 + Polar Bear (Ursium Pro Thermostat)


1.    Seamless 2-way communication with Control4 HVAC driver (knx_universal_thermostat.c4z)

2.    No inactive Control4 driver buttons once configured.

3.    Feature-rich possibilities to suit a range of HVAC applications.


Control Protocols Used:

1.    Control4:     Composer

2.    KNX:           ETS5 or ETS6

3.    Modbus:      Register configured in ETS


System Integration Required:

1.    Creation of KNX group addresses; Configuring Modbus Gateway Register in ETS; Loading KNX devices.

2.    Control4 KNX driver: Inputting KNX Group Addresses; Setting wording for modes with corresponding data (i.e. Off, Low, Med, High = 1,2,3,4).


Gateway Used: INKNXMBM1000200

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