The increase in the deployment of IoT devices and smart systems means that the need for Consyst’s solutions is at its peak as they enable for the connection of a variety of individual systems and equipment.

This allows for full automation and interaction of internal conditions and activities with external influencers, facilitates equipment performance management and connectivity for effective monitoring for maintenance and controls.


Consyst specialises in distributing devices that enable BMS companies and integrators to link existing equipment, such as heating, AC, boilers, machines, production lines and meters together with BMS and IoT devices. They facilitate the big data and IoT evolution.  



Consyst easily integrates diverse devices, new and old, and ensures different equipment can communicate across multiple platforms.


Once a set of devices can ‘speak the same language’ the benefit that Consyst can bring to industrial automation, building controls and metering applications is infinite



  • Interoperability and central control of multiple devices

  • Connectivity of buildings

  • Building automation services and solutions

  • IoT interoperability

  • Enhanced equipment performance and operations 

  • Display of data for actionable intelligence

  • Real-time visibility to help make operations more efficient

  • Communication helps to provide a holistic environment

  • Ability to plan more effectively and take action


Sensors and protocol types / manufacturers 

Protocol Gateways