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Updated: Mar 26


Lighting the way 
The 700 Series DALI-2 gateway will shine for you! 

  • Innovative. 

  • Installer friendly.  

There are two models. 

IN703DAL0640000 = 1 x DALI-2 Channel 

IN704DAL1280000 = 2 x DALI-2 Channels 

New features include. 

  • Tuneable While/RGB Colour-Control. 

  • BACnet or Modbus to DALI2. 

  • Energy and Diagnostic-Data. 

  • Occupancy and sensor integration using local control. 


The 700 Series DALI gateway improves integration for System Integrators with a focus on  

  • Simplicity 

  • Robustness  

  • Seamless integration 

The inclusion of the Intesis MAPS configuration tool further elevates the user experience, which facilitates project integration.  

The upgraded 700 Series DALI has migrated to a new microchip, assuring supply availability and continued reliability.  

A distinguishing feature of this product is its ability to combine BACnet and Modbus, two

prominent Building Management System (BMS) protocols, into a single unit for DALI

integration. The product's innovative design allows users to effortlessly match their products with the appropriate protocol in just a few clicks. This versatility opens doors to a broader range of projects. 

Real-time responsiveness is a feature of the DALI Local Control, which allows the 700 Series to act as an application controller for Occupancy and Light sensors. This flexibility extends to monitoring each DALI luminaire and generating consumption and diagnostic data, enabling the optimisation of energy efficiency. 

By addressing the demand for Human-Centric lighting, the DALI Colour Control introduces RGB and tuneable white integration. This can enhance lighting environments and create an optimal user experience.  

Preventative maintenance of a DALI-2 installation is made easy. In essence, the 700 Series DALI is a comprehensive solution that redefines integration, usability, and efficiency in the realm of lighting technology. 

The DALI Data implementation also evolves standard practices, providing enhanced Energy and Diagnostic Data integration. 

Distributors benefit from this stock-friendly concept, incorporating BACnet and Modbus compatibility into the same product. This late-configuration capability simplifies selecting the BMS protocol with a few clicks in the intuitive Intesis MAPS tool. 

Modbus Integration 


BACnet Integration 


Integrate any DALI/DALI-2 driver and DALI-2 light sensor or occupancy sensor with a Modbus / BACnet BMS or any Modbus TCP / BACnet/IP or Modbus RTU / BACnet MS/TP controller.  

This integration aims to make DALI devices and their data and resources accessible from a control system or device based on Modbus / BACnet, as if it were part of the Modbus / BACnet system itself and vice versa. 

  • UL certified. 

  • BTL certified. 

  • DALI-2 certified. 

  • Support for BACnet/IP client and MS/TP master. 

  • BACnet advanced features are available (trend logs, calendars, etc.). 

  • Support for DALI and DALI-2 drivers and DALI-2 input devices: push buttons, absolute inputs, and occupancy and light sensors. 

  • RGB and tuneable white integration are needed for human-centric lighting demand. 

  • DALI Local Control expanded, adding occupancy and light sensors support to the already supported push buttons and absolute inputs, allowing them to run as an application controller. 

  • DALI Data: Implementation of DALI standard for Energy and Diagnostic data. 

  • Integrated DALI power supply. 

  • Up to 64 drivers/ballasts + 64 DALI-2 input devices (sensors, push buttons, or absolute inputs). 

  • Up to 10000 signals available and 230 mA current guaranteed. 

  • Easy integration and DALI commissioning with Intesis MAPS configuration tool. 

  • Configuration through IP or USB (console) port. 

  • Automatic updating for both Intesis MAPS and gateway’s firmware. 

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