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Air Conditioning Control

Updated: Jul 4

Controlling your air conditioning has many benefits. 

  • Convenience – Remote access to essential functions (set point, on/off, fan speed, mode, etc). 

  • Centralised and zone control – No need to go to each unit to individually ‘set’ it to a specific state. 

  • Energy Saving – Event control, timers, scenarios, etc. Each unit is only on when it needs to be and at the correct level. 


You’re sold on the idea! 

Now you need to choose the type of control. 


Integrated - Building Automation 

If you have a building control system, you can integrate your AC with your smart building system. For this you will need a gateway which speaks the same language as your smart building.

This could be KNX, BACnet, Modbus

Or, protocols such as an Audio-Visual control system like Control4, RTi, AMX, Savant, Elan, Crestron, etc. 



Discrete - Cloud Solution 

AC Cloud can enhance your air conditioning system to allow all your units to be accessible via an app or web interface.  

The advantages of this are that you can access and control all your units both remotely and locally. 

At Consyst Ltd we assist you with choosing the right solution. 

Call us: +44 20 8203 3220 


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